Changing Children’s Lives…One Session at a Time!

Services Offered:

In-person assessment and treatment
Virtual consultations and treatment planning
Teletherapy sessions as needed
Parent training sessions on request

Mission Statement:

“The success of each child with a speech disorder depends on dynamic assessment and therapy that is carefully structured, socially engaging and developmentally appropriate. As a highly experienced PROMPT® Certified Clinician and a specialist in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, my goal is to maximize each child’s communication potential by targeting speech motor goals clearly, creating motivating activities through which to learn, and empowering parents to effectively support their child’s speech production and language development.”

Recipient of CASANA Professional of the Year Award

“As a parent of a severely apraxic child, you look to educate and surround yourself with professionals that can open your eyes to various therapies and strategies that will be most successful. In Donna Lederman, we have found an abundance of support, knowledge, professionalism and kindness. She provides such a unique approach to working with our daughter and spends a great deal of time brainstorming how to best reach her. She has the patience of a saint and is so understanding.
Thank you Donna…we feel so fortunate to have you in our corner!”

~ JF

At Donna Lederman, SLP, P.C., therapy begins with comprehensive diagnostics, resulting in answers to your important questions:

Speech Language Therapy - questions
Speech Language Therapy - questions mobile

* Shared office space and/or employment opportunity available. *

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